"Technique & Repertoire, Two Faces of the Same Coin"

Labyrinth Musical Workshop always includes instrumental seminars in its program, derived from various modal musical traditions. Although it may seem like a simple term in a given title, ‘Technique & Repertoire’ represents the basis for the study of an instrument. In the case of Eastern music, an instrument is somehow attached to the place of its origin, making it impossible to study its technique without delving into a certain repertoire. The lifelong study of an instrument (technique & repertoire) will subsequently allow us to use this acquired knowledge to study different musical traditions, as well as to create our own style.

The seminar will focus on specific techniques that are derived from the morphology of the Arabic language.
At first there will be an introduction to the modal and rhythmic system.

In the Modal system, we will distinguish between a modal scale, a main mode (Maqam), and a branched or subsidiary mode.

In the rhythmic system, we will study
· the formation of rhythms- simple and complex.
· the way we count them linguistically and
· the relation with poetic meters

The goal of such an introduction in Playing Oud, is the pick movement, the types of picking and the relation between the right and left hands (picking and pressing).

Some introductory examples will be shown, Musical phrases that a player can interpret on Oud with several endless possibilities through different morphological divisions.

In case time allows, some comparative studies will be done which reflect the various Arabic “dialects” (performance styles) in playing the instruments as well as influences and interactions with other modal music traditions.

Location: Epar.Od. Knossou - Charaka 358, Choudetsi 701 00, Greece


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