ASIL ENSEMBLE for Contemporary Arabic Classical Music 


Asil Ensemble was established in 2003. The goal is to perform new contemporary Arabic music on the principle of internal development, in example to bring up new Arabic music on the basis of the classical Arabic music. This approach is very necessary, since for more then 100 years, Arabic music had a big number of works based on one dominant way which is importing other musical systems and traditions.

Asil produced many pieces inspired by poetry, history, literature, and musical research. With more then 12 instruments, the ensemble suggests a truly new perspective into the Arabic music, enlarging its spectrum for interpretation, collaboration, voice tradition, and experimentation with acoustic sounds as well as with musical concepts.

Asil Ensemble has produced several albums : "Ruba’eyyat ElKhayyam" in 2008,  "Asil" in 2009, "Burda" in 2015, "Autism" in 2016. It performed many concerts and participated in many international festivals around the world such as Mugam Festival in Azerbidjian (2009) where the Ensemble got awarded best Contemporary classical music, Fes Festival for Sufi Culture (2011/2012) in Morocco, Festival dei Due Mondi (2015) in Italy, Irtijal Festival for experimental and improvisational music (2015) in Lebanon, Shubbak Festival (2015) England, Beirut Chants festival (2015/2016) in Lebanon.




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