Born in Cairo, Mustafa Said is a musician and musicologist. An Oud virtuoso and singer, whom music education started at very early age accompanying  the “Mashayekh” of Tanta (Egypt), and learning from them the art of Inchad. He made a study trip around the mediteranean sea to study music from different areas, within a world music program at many universities started with the American University of Cairo, alongside literature and linguistic studies at Ain Shams University. Later he pursued a Master Degree in Lebanon, from the Antonine University where he focuses his study on the modal system in Mashayekh singing tradition. Mustafa’s major projects and activity is in the field of performing music and composing new melodies. Taught workshops and gave conferences and lectures in many academic and artistic institutions. He also wrote several musical compositions for theater plays, danse performances and films. He has much participation in international music festival as a solo performer, a guest artist, a collaborator with other musicians, or with the Asil Ensemble (which he found in 2003).

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