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Masters II degree in Musicology of Traditions, under the supervision of Nidaa Abou-Mrad, 2010*
Antonine University, High Institute of Music, (ISM, UPA) Baabda, Lebanon with co-ordination with Sorbonne University, Paris IV.

  • Masters degree in Music, General and Analytic Musicology under the supervision of Nidaa Abou-Mrad, 2009, Antonine University, High Institute of Music, (ISM, UPA) Baabda, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature, 2003
    Ein-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


Academic and Professional Positions

  • Cultural Advisor in Harf and Fasla Media
  • Director of Arab Music Archiving and Research Foundation (AMAR) Lebanon (2010-Present)
  • Artistic and Archives Manager of Arab Music Archiving and Research Foundation, Lebanon (2008-2010)
  • Teacher of Oud, singing, art of improvisation and art of maqam, UPA (University des Pères Antonins) Baabda, Lebanon (2006-2013)
  • Teacher of Oud and Arabic oriental music theories, Bait El-Oud, Cairo, Egypt (2004-2006)
  • Founder and Artistic director of Asil Ensemble for Contemporary Classical Arabic Music (2003-Present)

Achievements and Participations as Music Composer, Researcher, and Lecturer

  • Albums – Music Composing
    – “Autism”, music composition inspired from Article wrote by Egyptian political prisoner Alaa Abdel Fattah. Played by Asil ensemble (2015)
    -“Burdah”, music composition to Poem in Burdah form by contemporary Palestinian poet Tamim Barghouti. CD launched after concert, at Shubbak Festival 2015, Barbican Center, London, England (2015)
    -Music Composition for theater plays directed by Leila Soliman: “No Time for Art” (2011), “Spring Awakening” (2010), “Fel-Khedma” (2009), “Images of Alienation” (2006), “The Retreating World, by Naomy Woless” (2004)
    -“ASIL”, 2nd album with Asil Ensemble, (2009) Beirut, Lebanon.
    -“Ruba’eyat El-Khayyam”, 1st album with Asil Ensemble, (2008) Beirut, Lebanon

Research, Publications and Archival Works

  • In collaboration with The Arab Music Archive and Research Foundation
    -“Rawdat al-Balabel”, Internet Radio Podcast Specialized in Arabic Music and its history (2013-2017)
    -“Sāmī al-Shawwā, Prince of the violon”, CDs (2015)
    -“Sāmī al-Shawwā, Prince of the violin. Life and Works”, book co-written with Ahmad Al Salhi, Publisher Dar AL Saqi (2015)
    -“Early Singers from Bilad-al-Sham – Syria, Lebanon, Palestine”, CDs (2014)
    -“Abd Al-Hayy Hilmi 1857-1912 – An Anthology”, CDs (2013)
    -“Yusuf Al Minyalawi, The Voice of the Nahda Era”, CDs and Book (2011)
    Academic publication
    – Article for the book “(un)Common Sounds: Songs of Peace and Reconciliation among Muslims and Christians” Edited by Roberta R. King and Soii Ling Tan (Copyright 2014 Wipf and Stock Publishers, 199 W.8th Ave., Suite3, Eugene, OR 97401)
    -Presentation of a paper under the title “The Art of Tawshih, Reflection of Co-operation in Sufi Music” within the conference of “Sounds of Peace and Reconciliation among Muslims and Christians, Beirut, Lebanon (2009)
    -“Presentation of The Art of Tawshih, Reflection of Co-operation in Sufi Music” within the continuation of the conference “Songs of Peace and Reconciliation Conference (SOPR), Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2010), Independent Research
    -Turkey: Field research trip. “The study of Ottoman music modal system as well as Arabic and Turkish musical manuscripts during the Ottoman era” (2009)

Lectures and Teaching

  • Teacher and lecturer at Badenweiler Music Summer Academy, Germany (2012-2015)
  • Guest Lecturer at the University of Münster, Germany. “The Language Poetic Rhythm and its Influence on Internal and External Rhythms in the Oriental/Mediterranean Music”, in the context of the conference “Rhythmic Cycles and Structures in the Art Music of the Middle East” organized By Münster University in collaboration with Orient Institute Istanbul (2014)
  • Lecturer at New York University of Abu Dhabi, “Getting contemporary music through tradition” (2012)
  • Given Master Class in Tokyo Conservatory, Japan, “Introduction to modal system” (2011)
  • Tour in Japan as lecturer and performer (2010)
  • Lecturer in the UAE (2010) at The Technical University, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E: “A brief introduction to the Arabic Modal System”
  • Abu Dhabi Theatre, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, “A dialogue lecture with the Audience”
  • Al Mamoura Auditorium (organized by New York University), Abu Dhabi, UAE: “A brief history to Arabic Music”
  • Audio workshop “Dedd Al Tandhir”, at the Sunflower Theater, Beirut, Lebanon (2008)
  • Institute of Arab Music, Cairo, Egypt: “participant at the music conference celebrating the 75th memorial of the first Arab Music Conference, Cairo 1932” (2007)
  • Lecturer at American University of Cairo, Cairo, Egypt,“An introductory to the art of Taqsim and the Waslah form of the Arab Oriental art music” (2007)
  • “Migration of Oud” and “general introduction to improvisation in Arabic music” (2005)
  • “A Brief Introduction to the Oud, History, Styles of Playing the Instrument, and Methods of Teaching the Instrument”, Department of Visual Arts, Music section (2004)
  • Music and Oud workshop with Palestinian refugees in Shatila Camp, Beirut, Lebanon (2005)
  • Partcipation in “World Music Workshop” at AUC, Cairo, Egypt (2004)


  • Detailed table of the concerts is available upon request. Below is a list of selected concerts:
    -Oud Recitals
    -Dresden Music Festival, Germany (2015)
    -Innauguration of Qartaj Festival for Theater, Tunis, Tunisia (2012)
    -Gadaiin Temple, Fukuchima iino, Japan (2011)

    • With Asil ensemble (just to name a few):
      -“Autism”, Opening of Irtijal Festival for experimental music, Al Madina Theater (2015)
      -“Burdah”, Al Madinah Theater, Beirut, Lebanon (2014) – Festival Dei 2 Mondi, Spoleto, Italy-
      – Shubbak Festival, Barbican Center, London, UK (2015)
    • Performed as soloist and with ensembles in more than 15 countries (over 150 concerts).
    • Opening of Fes Festival for Spiritual Music, Fes, Morocco (2012)

Collaborations and Guest Musician

  • Duet with Percussionist Joss Turnbull, Center for World Music, Hildesheim University/ Germany (2015)
  • Duet with Guitar and Oud musician Mahmoud Turkmani, Switzerland, (2013).
  • Guest Musician with the Kremarata Baltica Chamber Orchestra, Eisenstadt, Austria (2012)


  • Mother tongue: Arabic
  • First Foreign Language: English
  • Second Foreign Language: French


Sound editing, recording and mixing, radio programs, swimming and chess.
Dissertation: Modal System of the Inšād Tradition in Egypt in the Modern Period
The theory of the modal system of the Inšād, though formulated by the mašāyiḫ for an educational aim, shows clear consistency with corresponding musical practice. This consistency is clarified through modal analysis of recorded material employing the micro-modal and mini-modal investigation procedures, showing that the orally transmitted Inšād modal theory is a reliable theory, unlike the written theories presented in Arabic music books of the modern period. This finding suggests also that mašāyiḫ theory could be useful in our day for both educational and practical purposes in Arabic music tradition.

Thesis: Modal System: between Theory Books and Musical Practice in the Arab Oriental Tradition in the Modern Period
The research discusses the modern modal system theory of Arab-oriental classical traditional music through a problematic of a single question that would churn out other questions regarding the relation between theory and practice in this tradition. Is modal system in the theory of the Arab-oriental classical traditional music books, especially in the modern period, a real reflection of the music practice of the area.